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Namslab started providing precast concrete decking system components (permanent shuttering for decks) in 2001. The operation was started by Joe Brand, a structural engineer, and Chris Engels, a financial manager. Initially, Namslab outsourced the production of said components, but since 2008, Namblock, a production branch of Namslab, operates as a Namslab owned factory, which led to improved quality and production.

Since 2001 until April 2011 Namslab has produced 220 000 m2 of product with an increase in workforce of 400%. Namslab introduced new products in 2011, being precast permanent shuttering for beams and staircases. The response to these new products is overwhelming and since then, Namslab has been producing these products at full capacity.

Namslab also became the only licensed marketer and distributor for Geoplast in Namibia enabling us to provide cost and time saving systems for foundations and easy to use shuttering for retaining walls and columns. This is where Namslab becomes a total one stop shop for all of the clients' structural needs when erecting a building.

By combining production and distribution of these unique products with a own engineering firm, Namslab has become a leader in the precast industry in Namibia.



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